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Advances in Economics, Management and Political Sciences(AEMPS) is an international peer reviewed journal which publishes only original articles from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning economic and management issues. The journal welcomes empirical and theoretical articles concerning micro, meso, and macro phenomena. Manuscripts that are suitable for publication in the AEMPS cover domains on various perspectives of economics, management and political sciences and their impact on individuals, businesses and society.

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Jingzhi Lin

The paper is mainly focusing on examining strategies for firms in the luxury goods market to increase sales. In this paper, the 3 strategies: why logos play an essential role in this industry, why traditional luxury brands began collaborating with fashionable brands and why luxury brands pay high fees to celebrities to engage them as spokespersons, are illustrated. After elaborating on these strategies along with an empirical research and screenshots, the results show that one of the reasons why people are fond of buying luxury products is that logos represent a sense of superiority and may show the owners’ status; collaboration draws people's attention and increases purchase desire as a large number of people appreciate the combination of luxury and street fashion; star effect leads to many customers want to follow or imitate their idols so they are likely to purchase the clothes or items which their idols have worn.

Feiyang Huang

Nowadays, some communities’ infrastructure is usually destroyed, and this problem is always happening in some communities, so much this kind of problem needs to be solved. Based on the theory of fairness perception, this study constructs the evolution mechanism of the community infrastructure operation process and analyzes the cases. Based on the case analysis method, limited resources and business models, and property management affect the community's infrastructure. This study mainly investigates the infrastructure management of a community, to establish improvement methods. Also, this study is helpful to ad-just infrastructure management.

Rui Xu

In recent years, many new futures varieties have been launched in China's futures market, such as apples, dates and pigs. Recently, the CSRC and relevant departments of the stock exchange jointly planned and launched a new futures variety -- dry pepper futures, which will be listed and traded in Dalian Futures Exchange in 2022. The listing of dried pepper futures has a very important pilot and demonstration significance for China's pepper industry and even the national agriculture. It is not only conducive to traditional agriculture to avoid the price volatility risk brought by market supply and demand through futures trading, but also to realize better circulation through standardized delivery, thus promoting the development of the entire agricultural economy. In this paper, through the investigation of Guizhou local dry pepper planting and trading status quo, comparative study of the international pepper futures market status quo, the contract design and delivery standards of dry pepper futures put forward suggestions, and expounded the relevant influence and significance, pointed out the futures companies and business department development opportunities and countermeasures.

Xu Yue

In recent years, the live broadcast industry has been booming, but some anchors have realized that their images are not consistent with the images of recommended products, which will affect consumers' purchasing intentions. This paper takes consumer perception as the theoretical basis to construct a hypothesis model and takes situational experiment as the research method. Finally, the conclusion is drawn that the inconsistency between anchor image and product image will have a negative effect on consumers' purchase intention, and consumers' perception of anchor professionalism and perceived product reliability play a mediating role between the two. The text puts forward a new explanation mechanism in theory, and has some enlightening effect on the selection of anchor team in practice.

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